About Us

Princess Candy & Friends (PC&F) was founded in 1992 with the intention of providing quality entertainment  for  children  at  private  and corporate functions. PC&F has achieved a creditable record, having provided performances at thousands of events over the years. 

Gary and Elissa Owners of Princess Candy and Friends

PC&F is owned by Gary and Elissa Johnson(Picture above) Gary is a professional magician who has entertained both children and adults for about twenty years. Elissa ably assists him with many acts and also performs in her own right.

     In addition to performing they manage about 25 charming and amusing characters and acts from whom party organisers may select. PC&F entertainers perform at dozens of engagements each week.

                 PC&F  also  offer  educational  shows  for 6--10 year-olds based  upon space exploration and the environment. Others are always under development to suit contemporary attitudes. These programmes  are carefully researched and produced to be both informative and entertaining. The shows are suitable for primary schools, shopping centre stages, and at corporate events where the organisation is looking for a little more than simply entertainment.

                 Gary and Elissa would be happy to discuss your special needs with the view to developing a tailored programme to fit your requirements. They are always happy to consider the production of innovative shows.

                 In addition to children's entertainment, PC&F offers a roving, close-up magic and music shows for restaurants and clubs; specifically tailored shows for training and personnel development programmes; and, of course, performances of all types for parties and other functions.

                 PC&F is always interested in hearing from performers or people wishing to become performers. Email or call PC&F, provide us with details of your experience and availability. We will arrange for an interview and, if necessary, an appropriate audition. PC&F offers professional training in magic and other entertainment skills at reasonable  rates.