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School Shows by Max the Magician

Fun school shows
Max the Magician's Really Cool Magic Show consists of a variety of routines using props acquired from all around the world together with items which are unique to his shows. The comedy-based magic show involves over a dozen children as helpers. Max also does a 10 minute routine to music. The show is entertaining for adults as well and video-taping the whole show is permitted.

It is possible for Max to cater for 150 - 200 children, if required, using his PA equipment. The show can be modified to suit different ages and repeat bookings. 

Max has many different themes, for example:
Harry Potter, Football, Pirate, Superhero, Star Wars, Space, Environment and more. With his non themed show a live dove enters magically.

If you give Max a couple of weeks notice he can theme some of his show to any topic.
Age appropriate: 4 to 12 year olds.


Educational school shows Space or Environment theme
Since 1985 Max has been performing his educational show all over Melbourne.
He does adjust his show to suit the age of the kids.
If you give Max a couple of weeks notice he can theme his show to any topic.


Teaching the students
Each year Max teachers the students at Patterson Lakes Primary School
This is over a five week period. On week five the students present a magic routine to the rest of the school.


Teaching the Teachers
The amazement and intrigue of magic is both exciting and fascinating to children. So why not use this incentive to motivate and engage children in the classroom?  

COURSE 1: Create magic in the classroom.
This course will teach you a range of magic routines and tricks that can be used to fill those five or ten minute blocks that unexpectedly appear during the course of a day. They are also excellent as a stimulating way to introduce a topic and draw in the children’s attention at the beginning of a session. The magic is easy to perform and has wonderful results. You will build up a stock of amazing magic tricks you will use to entertain your students for years to come

As this material is highly motivating it is excellent for difficult or gifted students. Instructions are supplied to each teacher for every trick. Props are required for this course.

COURSE 2: Teaching any topic via Magic Routines with everyday objects in the classroom.
Magic routines can be themed to any topic covering a range of areas such as reading, writing, spelling, number, measurement and many more. It is an excellent way to encourage interest and participation in class and even inspire children to do their homework!

This course will introduce you to different methods to teach a variety of topics. You will be taught magic routines that can be easily adapted to any subject or theme. The focus will be on methods and mathematical formulas where no special props are required. The magic is easy to perform and has wonderful results. At the very least you will walk away with a treasure trove of amazing magic routines you can use to entertain your students whilst they unwittingly learn.

As this material is highly motivating it is excellent for difficult or gifted students.

 Instructions are supplied to each teacher for every trick.

Gary Johnson has been a full time Magician for eleven years and has studied the art of magic for the past twenty five years. He also has twenty years experience in the manufacturing industry. He has recently worked with a number of local schools to introduce magic into the classroom and coordinate a whole school magic show. Having always captured his young audiences he has developed an interest in utilizing this fascination to motivate and engage children in the curriculum. With his passion and knowledge for magic he can show you how to perform magic routines which can be readily modified to any subject and easily used in the classroom.



Dear Max,
Thank you so much for performing your magic show for our kids - they really loved it. The senior students loved learning to do a couple of tricks in the classroom.
So Well Done Max and a big Thank you.
Look Forward to next year.
Have a great Christmas & a Happy holiday.
Regards Sue 

To Max The Magician,
Thanks you for coming to our school and showing us your magic tricks. I really enjoyed the sock trick and the card trick, they were funny and we hope to see you again.

Dear Gary & Elissa,
Thank you for arranging to have the Easter Bunny "Hop in" for a visit at Keysborough Park Primary School. The Association appreciate it very much
yours sincerely Rangi Oiaua

Dear Bob What a wonderful performance by Max the Magician. 
All the students really enjoyed it and so did the staff.
It was great to see Geoff, your son and Jenny at the performance too. 
They loved watching the kids reaction and seeing how much they enjoyed it.
So a big "Thank you" to you Bob for organizing Max for our School.
From all the students and staff at Peninsula SDS 

Dear Max The Magician,
Thank you for coming to our school on Tuesday. You were funny. I loved seeing the magic fire trick. You are very clever at doing tricks. I laughed at your funny boxers on the washing line.
From Mitchell.


Below are some of the schools Max the Magician has performed at:

Bayswater Primary School, Victoria
Broadmeadows Special Developmental School, Victoria
Brunswick North Primary School, Victoria
Chandler Primary School, Victoria
Croydon Primary School, Victoria
Essex Heights Primary School, Victoria
Footscray City Primary School, Victoria
Heathmont East Primary School, Victoria
Karingal Primary School, Victoria
Keysborough Park Primary School, Victoria
Mount Evelyn Primary School, Victoria
Patterson Lakes Primary School, Victoria
Pearcedale Primary School, Victoria
Peninsula Specialialist School, Victoria
Scoresby Primary School, Victoria
Springvale South Primary School, Victoria
St Agnus School, Victoria
St Francis of Assisi, Victoria
St John's Greek Orthodox College, Victoria
St Leonard's Collegs, Victoria
Warranwood Primary School, Victoria
Williamstown North Primary School, Victoria
Yarraville West Primary School, Victoria