Magic tricks for sale
All Magic Tricks for Sale were performed as a part of the Guinness Book of World Records
"longest magic show"

This is an extremely simple mental effect with a huge punch.
Three pictures are shown to the audience displaying the three different traffic light colours.
A freely chosen spectator now makes an ABSOLUTELY FREE CHOICE of one colour.
They can change their mind but no matter which colour is chosen, you 'The Magician' produce a prediction that matches the chosen colour.
Your prediction is in full view of your audience during the entire effect.

With this trick you can predict a chosen card, even before the deck is freely overhandshuffled by any member of the audience. When the deck is returned to you, their chosen card is cleanly revealed.

You won’t need to spend hours practicing secret moves, this deck does it all for you.

100’s of different tricks can be performed using this deck.

At the start of this routine, the Magician writes down 2 predicted cards on a blackboard (provided), and a predicted word from a book (also provided).
2 cards and a page number are freely chosen by a member of the audience which incredibly matches your prediction!
This trick absolutely amazes the audience!
They will lose sleep trying to work out how you did it!

Below are examples of two routines which can be done using the contents of this box but there are many more you can perform.

Routine 1,Unbelieve-A-Ball prediction.
A different coloured ball is handed out to 6 audience members without them seeing the colours.
One ball is left remaining in a material bag which is your prediction.
One of the six helpers is freely chosen to match the single coloured ball in the bag.
This trick was named from the audience’s reaction… “It’s unbelievable!”

Routine 2,Truth or Lie.

Six members from the audience choose a different coloured ball.
One colour is chosen and the helpers can choose to lie or tell the truth to what colour they have. You the Magician find the chosen colour and can tell each helper who is lying and who is not.

Videos of the Magic Tricks for sale.

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Card routine called Goose Bumps

Magic trick called Shock

Prediction called Traffic Lights / Caution